The new regulations on the Dakar Rally restricting the engines to 450 c.c. had imply a great change of strategy for the contenders and a huge opportunity for other makers, as well for the amateur riders.


In between the various alternatives, the best alternative is the Yamaha WR 450 with the Rally kit developed by the Spanish engineering company JVO Racing I+D.


Surprisingly, this kit being the most advanced in the materials and the solutions applied to the bike is one of the most affordable for private riders. The use of carbon fibbers and Kevlar allows a total optimisation of the weight distribution.


There are other options like the KTM 450 EXC bike with the Mecasystem kit, which are also highly competitive. Or more recently the prototype of the Aprilia RXV 450 Africa, developed by the Italian specialist Massimo Montebelli, over the twin cylinder enduro bike.