Racing in Africa implies a higher cost that racing in Europe, but in exchange the biggest media impact is worth for the sponsors.


In this sense the Motorbike participation, is one of the most affordable entries to rallye sponsoring.


There are some basic costs as the inscriptions and navigation and security material, but of course, the preparation of the bike, and the level of assistance will depend mainly on the final budget.


There are two options in regard to the budget, the first one is to rent the bike, already equipped with all the navigation and rally equipment from one of the professional assistance teams. This option is interesting in case of few competitions.


The second option is to acquire the bike, this second option is obviously more expensive at the beginning, but allows a cost reduction in the long term, as distributes the cost in between the different rallies.




EUR          22,000


EUR            1,000

Racing bike (Yamaha WR 450 – JVO Racing kit)

EUR          18,500

Training bike (second hand Yamaha WR 450)

EUR            5,000

Navigation equipment

EUR            2,000

Security equipment and GPS (mandatory to rent from the organization in most of races)

EUR            1,500

Professional Mechanical Assistance

EUR          15,000

10 Tyres (front and rear plus bib-mousse)

EUR            5,000

Rider wear

EUR            3,000




EUR         73,000