The Dakar Rally

Much More than Just another Race

The Dakar spirit is found at the crossroads of several passions. Beyond being an impossible to avoid and unique event in the motor racing world, it is also a unique human experience.


More than a simple motor race, the Dakar is one of the toughest events in the world sports calendar. A kind of “last man standing” race, that requires from those who dare to challenge it, enormous off-road navigation capabilities and rock-solid consistency. In rally-raid, endurance is primordial; this mix of physical rigour and technical performance has been an attraction for champions from diverse horizons for nearly 30 years, all of whom desire to measure themselves and learn about this original event.


Like the mountains or the oceans, wide-open spaces inspire “adventurers”. Entering the Dakar is in some ways like climbing your own Everest, complete your sailing or rowing around the world trip. The finish podium represents an extraordinary challenge; sometimes it’s a life’s challenge.


Beyond the standings, all the competitors are motivated by this tenacious desire, this nearly insane dream. Whether they are motorcycle riders or drivers in cars or trucks, they share this ambition, a feeling that nears. The tradition of mutual-aid, the buzz word that is a pillar of the “Dakar spirit”, born from this shared passion. No matter their origins, they all speak the same language.


Born in Africa where its legend was created, the Dakar is by nature attracted towards the unknown. The discovery of territories, one of the event’s reasons to be, has pushed the Dakar to head to new directions. The Sahara fascinated the competitors for nearly 30 years, but now, it is the conquest of other continents that the Dakar seeks with the desire to surprise intact.


The Dakar has always been an international nomad event that had found in South America a new open space for adventure which offers an entire world of new opportunities.


The Dakar is based on the need for exchange and on its competitors’ capacity of openness. They all have the desire to explore the deserts of the world.